Austin mom: “I wasn’t aware that there were any other options.” - Families Empowered

Austin mom: “I wasn’t aware that there were any other options.”

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Mom to three boys, Maria Montoya initially didn’t realize how many options were available to her family.

“I wasn’t aware that there were any other options in general,” Maria said. She is not unlike the thousands of other families who apply to a single public charter school and end up on the waitlist due to the overwhelming number of students who apply each year. After applying to a local charter school option and being waitlisted, Maria was contacted by Families Empowered.

Once she learned about IDEA Public Schools in Austin, and how it may be the right fit for her kids, Maria applied and was quickly accepted.

“I feel like I have choices for a better place for my boys,” Maria said. “It’s not that I feel that their zoned school was bad, but when I learned about IDEA Public Schools after listening to comments and suggestions from friends, I felt that I needed to see what the school was all about.”

Maria has her hands full with a house full of boys, but finds it important to take the time to find the right school for each of her unique children. Her eldest, Kylvert, loves basketball and is a quiet boy, while her four-year-old Miguel loves soccer and is incredibly outgoing. The youngest, Ayeed, is quickly following in Miguel’s footsteps, and is remarkably active.

“Make sure you are available to your children, and show them how much you care by being a part of their education and what they are interested in,” Maria shared.

The importance of understanding all of the schools available to families is another valuable lesson that Maria learned throughout the process. “Give time to people who call you or send you emails to educate you on programs that might be out there. Families Empowered was friendly and informative, and introduced me to a school that I am happy with for my boys,” Maria said.

IDEA Public Schools is a tuition free public charter school offering PreK-12 school options in Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Tarrant County, Southern Louisiana and the Rio Grande Valley. To learn more about enrollment at IDEA Public Schools please visit