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Back to School tips for success

This month, most children are headed back to school for another year of learning.

Here are tips from Families Empowered, to help you prepare your students for success. Brush up, so that you are ready to support your child’s success this academic year:


Be a partner in your child’s education


• Attend community events when you can, including “Meet the Teacher,” and “Back to School Night,”

• Keep teachers’ contact information in a place where you can find it: in your mobile phone, on the fridge, etc.

• Check your child’s planner and communication folder daily: watch for homework, behavior charts, permission slips, upcoming events, etc.

• Look out for updates from the school, via a school newsletter or their website

• Attend parent-teacher conferences. It’s a great opportunity to get face time with your teacher, and get your questions answered.

• Keep a calendar so you know about holidays, half days, testing days, etc.

• Bring concerns to your child’s classroom teacher first; try to avoid escalating to a school administrator

• Is tonight’s homework out of your depth? Don’t give up! Use online resources (e.g., Khan Academy) or seek out tutoring opportunities from your school or local library.



Let the Learning Continue at Home


• Make your expectations known. Talk with your child about school and what they are learning.

• Set aside quiet time and space for your kids to do their homework every day

• For younger children, help them pack their homework folder and backpack for the next day, making sure work is complete

• Nightly reading time: for younger children, read to them; for older children, ask them to read out loud, or set aside time for them to read before bed

• If your child struggles with a specific skill, such as math facts or sight words, ask their teacher for guidance about how to support them at home with flash cards or an online tool

• Look for free or low-cost enrichment activities in your community, such as library story times, free hours at museums, concerts in the park, festivals, etc.

• Build healthy habits: set a regular sleep schedule with an early bedtime. Help them be rested for the next day’s learning.

• Eat breakfast (at home or at school)


Looking for a better fit, or looking ahead?


• If you are still looking for the best-fit school for your student, start with our School Search tool to discover all the school options near your home. Make sure you are investigating options TODAY for the future – even if you are happy at your current school now, the transition to middle school or high school is ahead!

• Consider all your options – traditional public schools, magnet schools, public charter schools and private schools. Explore financial aid opportunities at the private schools you are interested in. Learn the differences and the types of schools available to you here.

• Take a campus tour! Make sure the schools you are considering are a good fit by talking to administrators and looking inside classrooms. We have a list of great questions to help you make the most out of your school tour – click here to see it.

• Apply to at least three schools to maximize your chances of finding a spot in a school of your choice.

• Follow Families Empowered on Facebook and Twitter to see up-to-the-minute schools and opportunities.

• Watch the calendar! School applications typically open in the fall, and close in the spring. Make the most of that window by applying to at least three schools!