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Blog Post Genesis

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Genesis Rios graduated in 2013 from YES Prep Southeast. Currently, she attends the University of Houston where she is majoring in Liberal Studies with a focus on Cultural Studies and Sociology. She loves non-profits and ultimately wants to start her own, though she is unsure of what particular issues she wants to focus on. After her experience at Families Empowered, Genesis is considering continuing work in education. She anticipates that her study of cultures and her work to become more socially aware will help her as she works with individuals in the non-profit sector, especially here in Houston.

Genesis is using her time here at Families Empowered to develop her knowledge of school choice and its benefits. She wants to help others with this knowledge, making sure families know their options. She is also working to improve her interpersonal and managing skills. Managing the call center has allowed her to overcome some of her natural shyness. Before this, she says she was so shy on the phone that she could barely make a doctor’s appointment over the phone. Now, she is more comfortable with presentations and initiating conversations. Because of this experience, she has become more comfortable with new situations and more open.

Genesis prides herself on her ability to make excellent kimchee, a Korean dish made with cabbage. She also loves world cultures and traveling.