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Blog Post Juana

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Juana Granados, “Juanita” to her mother, graduated from YES Prep Southeast in 2013. Since then, she’s been attending the University of Pennsylvania where she’s an Urban Studies major. This foundation in urban planning, real estate, and community development will thoroughly prepare Juana to pursue her dream of creating affordable residential housing in urban areas. She wants to start her own real estate development firm where she can work for the good of her community. She is also planning to get involved in education advocacy in her area and in the alumni networks of YES Prep and Penn.

As an introvert, Juana is always looking for opportunities to open up more and improve her communication skills. This position is allowing her to practice interacting with people of various backgrounds and personalities. These communication skills will be very useful in her future and she is really grateful for this opportunity. Juana is particularly enjoying her time with Families Empowered because it is allowing her to get a feel for Houston urban life and the needs in the education sphere, which are closely related to her post-graduation goals.

Juana loves the Oreos cereal made by Post Oak. Since it is no longer available in the US, she has to order her boxes from abroad to satisfy her craving.