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Houston mom: “My son needed more from his school.”

Houston mom Shareeta knew that her son, Londyn, wasn’t achieving his full potential in his current school, but didn’t know that she had any other options. After moving to a different area and experiencing two different school districts, she realized that a traditional public school was not the best-fit option for her son. After receiving an email from Families Empowered about a School Connection Fair, she found many local options for her son, and he is now thriving at Étoile Academy Charter School.

“I saw that he wasn’t being motivated in his classrooms,” Shareeta said. “For my son, the relationship between student and teacher is incredibly important to his success. In a large class, he wasn’t able to connect and faced constant distractions.”

Shareeta shared her story at the Families Empowered ribbon cutting.

A single mom, and first-generation college graduate, Shareeta was determined to learn how she could help her son become successful. She learned that no one child learns in the same way, and that an environment where her son could participate daily would keep him engaged.

“My son needed more from his school,” she said. “At Étoile they are really focused on his learning and participation. They’re there to support him, and it’s a good fit for him as an individual.”

Her advice to other parents is simple: inform yourself. For Shareeta and her son, the opportunity to speak with different schools at a Families Empowered event to understand what made each learning environment different was a key factor in finding the best-fit school for Londyn.

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With a focus on character development and structure, Étoile Academy Charter School ensures that all students receive challenging academic instruction and individual support. They provide all students double the traditional amount of time in math and literacy to ensure they are prepared for high school and college. They also offer financial literacy courses and fine arts courses for all students. To learn more about enrollment to Étoile Academy Charter School, please visit www.etoileacademy.org