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How One Austin Mom Found a School That Works for Her Kids

Erika Valenzuela is the proud mother of two girls – both intelligent and well behaved, but with different academic needs. When it was time for 11-year-old Ashley to move to a secondary campus, Erika knew that she needed to find a school where both of her daughters could stay on the same campus. For Erika and her family, IDEA Public Schools was the solution.

“The school that Ashley was going to transition to wasn’t up to my standards, and so I needed to find a new school for her,” Erika said. “It was important to me that my younger daughter could also attend the same school. IDEA is close to my home, has a great academic program, and both girls were able to attend.”

A good school does more than give her daughters an education, Erika notes, it’s a place where they’ll learn to love education. She hopes that they will always find joy in studying. Her advice to others is to always push for what works for your kids.

“Don’t just go with what’s presented to you. Make your choice based on the best option that you have for your children.”