Information is Power for Houston Family - Families Empowered

Information is Power for Houston Family

Lady Sanchez’s son Jayden is a shy, but precocious boy. At 5 years old he already has a strong personality and when he sets his mind to something, he simply cannot be swayed. When Sanchez and her husband began searching for schools for Jayden, they initially only applied to a single school that they had heard about through family.

Over the summer they attended a Families Empowered event, and while they loved learning about all of the many diverse options in Houston, they felt particularly empowered by their newfound ability to compare schools side-by-side. Being able to look critically at different programs, approaches, and aspects made them feel as though they were able to truly choose a school that would work best for Jayden.

“All we knew was that we wanted to find other school options for Jayden,” Sanchez said. “We didn’t know what those options were or how to apply to get in, and Families Empowered helped us to find schools and apply, but also gave us the power to decide between the different school options. The information we got was complete and made applying to the right schools easier.

After learning about other schools, the family visited different campuses and took the time to learn about their programs. For Jayden, Harmony was the perfect fit. Sanchez and her husband love the rigorous education and focus on discipline, and Jayden is happy in his new school.

“Don’t stop applying,” Sanchez urged. “Being well-informed before making any decision is the most important part of the process.”