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No More Lost Sleep: How One Mom Found the Right School for Her Kids

Mom of four kids between the ages of six and 14, Odila Aguirre began looking for other options for her kids after facing issues with bullying and discipline. She wanted to find the right school for each of her children where they would be able to put their unique gifts to the test. The school search process was at times frustrating and nerve-wracking. She even lost sleep wondering if she would have to send her kids back to a school that wasn’t working for them.

On her own, Aguirre was able to learn about a school that seemed to fit the needs of her family. After attending a Families Empowered application night in Houston, she applied to not one, but three schools that she felt would be great options for her kids.

“It was such a relief when I got the call that my kids were accepted to Harmony,” Aguirre said. “All of the other typical back-to-school chores were no longer chores – I was happy to do them because I knew my kids would be going to a great school.”

For Aguirre and her family, Harmony offered the discipline, order, and parent-communication that they had always hoped to find in a school. Being able to connect with teachers, understand the work her kids were focusing on, and learning about their challenges has made a huge difference in their lives.

“Get involved,” Aguirre urged when asked what advice she would give other parents. “Look for people who can help you and who are willing to go to your community and help you, and have faith that your kids will be accepted to a school of your choice.”