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San Antonio Mom’s Fight to Find the Right School for her Son

Lisa Galvan spent years fighting for her son’s education. Eleven-year-old Emiliano is outgoing and intelligent but tends to struggle with patience in the classroom. In his previous school, Galvan felt that she had to fight for the attention and help that Emiliano needed in the classroom and decided that it was time to find a school better suited to his needs.

After hearing about KIPP from a friend, she came to Families Empowered to learn about additional options. As a parent she believes it is her duty to try and find as many programs and resources as possible that will help to strengthen her child.

“The help that Families Empowered provided was so important to my family,” Galvan said. “It’s not easy to find a school when you have a child that has special needs like ADHD and schizophrenia.”

Galvan hopes that Emiliano will go to college, and for her family that meant that KIPP was the perfect fit. She loves the focus on college and the academic plan that will help get her son there. When Emiliano was accepted at KIPP she was delighted, and he is now in an environment where he can excel.

“Parents should always have an option when it comes to which school their children go to,” Galvan said.