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What This San Antonio Mom Did When Her Son’s School Stopped Listening

Mom of two, Nilda Lomeli, had spent years trying to work with her son’s school to address his needs. 10-year-old Leonardo is an inquisitive child – he loves science and learning about insects. Nilda describes him as an avid explorer who is always the first to make friends. Leonardo was also diagnosed with ADHD and needed to be in a learning environment where he would be able to flourish.

After years of searching for resources in his zoned school, she became frustrated when she was unable to receive the support that Leonardo needed. When he became the target of bullying, she knew that it was time for a change. After searching for options, she found Families Empowered.

“The help that Families Empowered gives to parents is so important,” Nilda said. “Before I talked to Families Empowered I constantly wondered what I was going to do, and where I was going to send my children to school.”

After learning about all of the schools in her area, Nilda applied to IDEA Public Schools where Leonardo is now enrolled. Nilda values the discipline and academic support that Leonardo is now getting but knows that she may need to search for a new school as he gets older.

Now, she notes, “I won’t have to repeat the same mistakes just because I don’t have the information that I need.”